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Too Wreckless
Virtual Gravity Nano Pearl
Misson X
Victory Road Solid
Here's a few of my current favourites from a range of manufactures.
Track 300A
Storm Tropical Breeze
Motiv Ascent Pearl
Big Ball Shots 0012 Cyclone
Strike King Red Gold Pearl
Big Ball Shots 0002 Tropical Heat
Dry relates to the overall lane condition which has broken down through usage and has lost much of its original oil. This depletion requires the bowler to select a ball that will not 'read' the lane till it progresses further, thus conserving energy and strike power.
/* Storm Tropical Heat */
Track 400A
Storm IQ Fusion
Motiv Sigma Sting
Ebonite Exceed></div>
									<div class = DV8 Maurader Mutiny
Brunswick Meanstreak
Mid typically describes the league patterns found in most centres, not too wet, not too dry with a receptive back end to allow the ball to skid then grip and turn in strongly towards the strike (1/3 pin) pocket.
Track 811CT
Storm Zero Gravity
Motiv Crual Intent
Ebonite Challenge
DV8 Ruckus Feud<
Brunswick Mastermind Genius
Wet lane conditions usually refer to tournament patterns when liberal amounts of oil are applied to the first 20 feet of the lane, creating much earlier skid.
Tzone Blue
Smiley Face
Black Ice
'Polys' are straight balls, which are great for beginners or as spare balls. They come in all sorts of colours and designs, so why not pop in and see what else is in stock.